Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yes, This Is A New Post. No, You Are Not Imagining Things.

Ouch. Six posts last year. Six. I can count that number on the fingers of one hand.

...Plus a finger from the other hand.

Well, I'll be honest with you guys. This post isn't about anything. Of course, neither were any of my other posts, even when I did write regularly. And for some reason, you guys still read them. And some of you even commented on them.

And you guys are awesome for that. Like, really. You should probably get somebody to make you a cookie or give you a high five or something. I would do it, but I'm here right now, and you're not.

And I'm too lazy to make cookies anyway. Sorry.

Well let's see. I suppose if I post something for the first time in months, it should have some sort of relevant content. So......

This guy is my newly discovered hero. So, I plan on learning to play the flute and then moving to New York City where I can live off the streets as a bearded, flute-playing, Mountain Dew drinking homeless man. That is my life goal. That is my dream. Nothing else matters.
Don't worry, I'll keep all of you updated on my flute-learning, at least until I leave for the NYC.

And who knows, maybe the next time you go there, you'll see me, sitting on the side of the street, playing my flute and drinking Mountain Dew.

Okay, so that probably won't happen. Although it would be cool to learn how to play the flute. And it would be even cooler to be a homeless man in New York. Maybe.