Friday, June 5, 2009

Peace Out, my Bloggage Buddies.

No, not forever. I'll be back someday.

I just need to take a break, you know? After all, it's summer. Summer isn't meant to be spent sitting at a computer all day. You're supposed to, you know, do stuff.

Like eat ice cream and hot dogs and drink lemonade and look for treasure and take a ride in your wagon and throw mushy apples and water balloons at that icky girl next door and go for walks in the woods with your best friend and pretend you're a superhero or a spaceman or a private eye and have fun.

As I was saying, I'll be back later, when the air starts getting cooler and leaves start falling.

Or, I might write a post once in a while during the summer. I don't know.


Goodbye, Door-Knob-Eating-Carpet-Licker. Goodbye, Cruz. Awesome times blogging and stuff....