Sunday, May 22, 2011

(Don't Fear) The Reaper

Long time no see.

So today, me n' my posse (a.k.a. my parental figures) visited various cemeteries and planted various flowers at the graves of various relatives, who happened to have been born and have died on various dates. So it goes.

'Twas quite fun. The whole time, the sky was all dark and cloudy and ominous-like, which added a darkish feeling to the already somber cemetery mood. It was clear that rain was not far off (though it hasn't rained yet. Pretty sure God's just messing with us again. I mean, the rapture didn't happen yesterday like so many people had planned). I like rainy days. And sunny days. But not necessarily cloudy days. I say, if it's cloudy, it should be raining, otherwise it should be sunny.

Aaaanyways. All the cemetery-ness got me thinkin'. I wonder where I'm gonna be buried when I kick the bucket. Wonder who'll bury me. Wonder who'll show up to my funeral. Wonder what my gravestone will look like. It'd be cool if I was put in one of those fancy mausoleums with the awesome carvings, pillars, statues of angels, and calligraphic Latin words that translate into some really deep quote about how death is a door and time is a ceiling fan or something. Yeahhhhh.

That won't happen though. My family is too cheap, and I doubt I'm gonna make enough money to afford all that cool stuff. Kinda like how people are buried in those elegant, expensive suits. Like, what's the point? I'm good being buried in ripped up jeans and a dirty tee. It's just gonna rot and get eaten by worms and stuff, along with the rest of you. And then plants are going to grow and flourish using the nutrients provided by your decayed corpse. It's the ciiiiiiirclee of liiiiiiiiifee!

Well that's all for now. See you next time! Thanks for watching! Drive safe now! Love you all!