Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

And so, another year passes by, rocketing us into another dimension.

Or at least another decade.

So it's almost 2010. Almost. We still have a few hours to say our goodbyes to 2009.

But really. A whole new decade. Pretty insane. The early 2000's are about to end.

Ahh well. We'll see what mishaps take place next decade. If we make it past 2012.

And that's all I've got to say about that.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Welcome to the day before the day after my birthday!


And that's all I've got to say about that.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Tod was lonely. Tod was an outcast. Tod was sad.

One day, an alien spaceship came from the sky. It landed in Tod's neighborhood.

Tod watched as the aliens stepped out of their ship. They looked around the neighborhood. They had weird ray guns and weird faces. They were weird.

Tod liked them. Tod wanted to be their friend.

Then the aliens started getting ready to leave. Tod walked up to one of them. Tod asked if he could be their friend.

The aliens said no.

Tod was lonely. Tod was an outcast. Tod was sad. Poor Tod.


There once was a pig. The pig's name was It.

It was a content pig. It had a family. It had a mother and a father and brothers and sisters. One of It's brothers was Nobody. The other brothers were They and Them. It had sisters named Around and Another. It and It's family lived on a farm.

Then one day, It's father disappeared. It asked It's mother where It's father had gone. It's mother did not answer. It's mother looked sad. It didn't like it when It's mother was sad. When It's mother was sad, It was sad too.

A few days later, It's mother disappeared, too. They did not know what had happened to her. They asked Around, but she did not know, either. Neither did It. It felt as though Nobody knew. Nobody did know.

Nobody said that their mother and father had been sent to a butcher named His. It did not know what a butcher was. Nobody told Them. Them told They. They told It. It told Another. Another was going to tell Around, but Around was gone, too. Nobody said Around had been sent to the butcher. It squealed. So did Another. They hugged Them, and They cried.

Days went by, and It's mother did not return to It's home. They disappeared next. Then Them. Another was gone an hour after Them. Soon, Nobody and It were alone.

Two nights after Another's disappearance, a sound came from outside It's pen. The butcher, His! It tried to wake Nobody, but It was too late. Nobody was grabbed by the butcher. It squealed and attacked the butcher. It bit His' leg, and Nobody fell to the ground with a plop and a squeak. Nobody ran out the open door of It's pen and into the darkness. Nobody was safe!

However, His grunted and picked up It. It screeched and bit with It's sharp little teeth and kicked with It's little legs. However, It's attempts to save It's self failed.

It was taken to the butchery and had It's head cut off. It's meat was chopped up, ground, and sold by the pound.

Nobody had escaped. Nobody was alive. Nobody was left to tell the tale.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And So, the Almighty Nixx Sits At His Computer and Writes Another Post

Okay, well, I fear that the link mentioned in my previous post is broken now. Poor Afrobunny and his friends. By the way, that website was created by my brother and some of his friends. It was a comical website of sorts made up of comical strips following the heartwarming life of a heartwarming pink Leporidae and his heartwarming companions in their heartwarming adventures.

Except nothing was really that heartwarming. It was just funny. And strange. And whatnot.

And speaking of bunnies, I went to the NYC this past weekend. It was New Yorkly, as usual.

What did I do in New York City, you ask? Well, I:
  • Visited the new Yankee stadium
  • Ate pizza
  • Walked around in Central Park
  • Ate hotdogs
  • Went to some stores
  • Took pictures
  • Rode around in a cramped car with several family members
That's pretty much it. It seems as though we spent too much time doing that last thing on my list and not enough time doing other, more important things(such as seeing Strawberry Fields in Central Park), but oh well. There's not much I can do about it now. Maybe I'll go back some other time. Seems like I go there every couple of years, so there might be hope.

I'll post some pictures sometime. When I feel like it. Yep.

And that's all I've got to say about that.