Sunday, November 30, 2008

Opan Chapter I

So, first of all, I'd like to thank all of you who recently began following my blog. Second of all...

The sounds of chaos and war filled the air.

And Opan the wolf pup sat in his den, listening to the battle raging outside.

Hours ago, his father, Shull, had left the den to fight. To Opan, it seemed as if an eternity had passed since he had last seen his father.

"Do not fear, my son, I will return with the war won in our favor," Shull had assured Opan.

"But, father, you know how many lives have been lost in this gruesome battle!"

At this, Shull let out a long sigh. Many years before, Shull's father had passed in a terrible war. When Shull had recieved the horrible news, he had felt as if an arrow had just pierced his heart. Shull definitely did not want to seal this fate with his son, but he could not help it if he was killed. "Opan, I cannot promise that I will return. But if I do not, do not be too depressed. I will trust you to carry on our legacy- the legacy of the Luna Pack!"

Until this point of the conversation, Opan had kept his eyes locked on his father's. When Shull spoke this last sentence, though, Opan had to look away.

"Yes, father," Opan had said weakly.

Now, hours had passed since Shull had left. Opan wanted to be down there, fighting for his pack, for his family, for his father. But everyone said he was too young.

"I'm not too young!" Opan mumbled.

He had been raised by Shull, the greatest warrior in his entire clan, the entire forest! He had seen Shull fight battle after battle to protect their territory. Opan knew almost every possible technique there was to know.

Still, the so called "wise" elders of the Luna Pack didn't allow him to fight. The elders had stated that Opan needed more training before he could go to battle. It didn't make any sense.

This was one of the most important wars for the pack to date.

Long ago, the Luna Pack had been merged with another pack that now called themselves the Sol Pack. That pack, formed from members of the Luna and Sol Packs, was called the Unilupe Pack.

The Unilupes were at peace with the whole forest. But that was before one part of the pack began to rebel.

That part started calling themselves the Sol Pack. They believed that together, all the wolves of the forest could unite and conquer all the other creatures.

The Luna Pack refused to give in, angering the Sols. Soon, a war began, involving the different packs following the Lunas, and the packs following the Sols. Though the war was long and devastating, the Lunas finally conquered, driving the Sols out of the forest.

Recently, the Sols had come back, seeking revenge and thirsty for blood. They arrived at the right time, because famine had been overtaking the forest for weeks.

The Sol Pack had somehow convinced almost half the forest that the lack of food had been caused by the Luna Pack. Now, a bitter war was raging between the Sol's followers and the Luna's followers.

And Opan was watching the battle first hand, emotions filling him. He was terrified of what might happen to his father. He was worried that the Luna Pack might lose. Furious that the elders had not let him join the battle. He felt much more than that, but at that moment, all his feelings were blasted away as he felt a sharp pain.

He screamed in sheer agony, feeling as though he had just been sliced open by a sword, struck by lightning, stepped on by a horse, and run over by a wagon all at the same time. He wished that he would faint, or die, or something would happen to him to end the incredible pain.

to be continued...

Friday, November 28, 2008


Yo, wazzup, dawgs?

Ok, I'll stop.

Today's topic: randomness.

What's with randomness? Everybody these days is trying to be random. Look at all these blogs around you! Random topics! People try to be random, too. It doesn't make any sense.

Ok, so maybe the first few random people were sort of funny, but then everybody started copying them. Now everyone is random, and it's hardly random anymore. You know that it's going to be random, so it's expected. Expected stuff isn't random. And it's not funny.

Okay, maybe it is.

That's all for today...

--Fading out


Thursday, November 27, 2008


Our world is about to be destroyed.

And no. Not by evil aliens or evil dinosaurs.

It's about to be destroyed by a bunch of criminals. Do you know who those criminals are? Us. We humans.

We gas-guzzling, forest chopping, animal killing, humans. Yep. We're criminals; every single one of us.

What crime did we commit, you ask? We're all part of destroying our lovely little planet Earth.

Destroying the earth: the worst crime of all.

No seriously. We all have contributed in this planet's doom. And you're all out there like "Nuh-uh!"


Have you ever driven a car? Have you ever littered? Have you ever left a light on in a room that wasn't being used? Have you ever left the water running while you were brushing your teeth? Yeah. All these are crimes.

Sure, we aren't going to be put in jail. Nobody's even gonna yell at you, except maybe some tree-huggers and animal-lovers like myself. But the consequences of all this pollution and stuff is waaaaay worse than being arrested or being yelled at.

The consequence is that there will be no Earth. I mean, yeah, there will be an Earth, but not one habitable by us humans or any of our furry or feathery or fish-scaled friends.

Think about it, devastating storms, extreme temperatures, and an oxygen-free atmosphere. Doesn't sound very inviting, does it?

So, seriously, STOP HARMING OUR BELOVED PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude. I'm serious. Yeah, and I'm talkin' to you. Yeah, you. With the face. Take care of Earth.

Just do your part. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to only turn on the light in the room that you're in? How hard is it to turn off the sink when It's not being used? How hard is it to carpool? How hard is it to put a grocery bag in your car for garbage instead of tossin' your trash out the window? How hard is it to recycle once a month? How hard is it to use both sides of a piece of paper? Not hard, right? So DO YOUR PART!

I know that maybe like, 3% of everyone that reads this won't even pay attention to what they're reading. You people that read this and don't even help SAVE THE EARTH in a small way are probably thinking that someone else will do it for you.

'CAUSE YOU'RE LAZY! Seriously, it is not hard to do a little to help save the Earth. Do you guys want to die? Oh, maybe you think that you'll be dead by the time that all this pollution stuff gets really serious. So, you just want to kill your kids and grandkids. Whatever.

But it already is serious. Seriously serious. And it's getting worse all the time.

You've all heard about people " going green". Maybe some of you already have gone green. Good for you guys. I salute you; literally, I just saluted you.

But for those of you who haven't already gone green, do it soon. Like, now.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Poem of Lunacy

Dance to the beat of your heart,
Hear the colors of art.

Just don't give in
To the darkness within.

Stare into the moon
And sing a crazy tune

Be heard by the wild
As you laugh like a child

In the sun and snow
Let your energy flow.

It screams through your veins
With comfort and pain.

The silence is deafening now,
With joy you frown.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Sky's Javelin

The storm is brewing.

Darkness surrounds you, like a heavy blanket, though it is not yet noon. The wind screams in your ears as your heart pounds in your chest.

You rush through the darkness to your home. Swiftly, the wind swirls around you. You know you'll never make it to your warm, safe shelter.

And, instantly, a deafening sound cracks into your ears. The thunder comes like a warning, summoning the ferocity of the storm. Your heart leaps into your throat in fear.

Breathing heavily, you try to calm yourself. You can't.

Something frigid slices down the back of your neck. Barely, you manage to stifle a scream. After you learn that it was only a raindrop, you calm down. A little.

For one small instant, the darkness vanishes. It is replaced by light. A bright light, lasting only for a millisecond. Lightning.

You continue surging home. Buckets of rain fall from the heavens, drenching you. You force yourself to turn your head and focus on something other than the your house as it slowly becomes closer.

In the distance lies the beach. Even through the haze, you can make out the beach. Over the ocean, shafts of lightning streak through the sky. Like the sky's javelins, they stab the ground. The blades of electricity wreak havoc across the sky, splitting open clouds, exploding into light.

With noise like never you have heard before, A bolt strikes the ground about thirty yards away from you. The electric shaft forks into dozens of smaller limbs. The light is blinding, and for a moment after the strike, all you see is white.

The lightning shocks you, both literally and metaphorically. Though it is too far away to injure you, when it strikes, you feel a small jolt.

Mouth agape, you stand there staring into the beyond before finally coming to. Suddenly, you feel adrenaline pump into your veins, and you sprint in no particular direction. Just... away.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Hey all ye faithful and loyal readers readers (which is only, like, 3)! If you enjoy this type of random ranting, view these insane blogs.

This one's my bro's. It's full of lunacy. And you all know how popular lunacyness is! He hasn't updated it in like 2 years, though, as far as I know.

My other weblog. It's waaay older than this one though. By like 3 years. Heh. It's random and stupid, but everyone loves random stupidness.

If you ignore the address, this blog is almost almost normal. Almost. It's written by one of my abnormal friends. Seriously abnormal. We all love abnormalness!

That one is made by another one of my friends. This one is actually pretty much normal. It's almost scary, it's so normal. But, whatever, some people might like normalness.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Roasted Pig

Ice cold eyes
Staring at you.
Surrounded by flies,
Decaying, too.

It's head on platter.
As you walk by
The flies will scatter,
For they are shy.

Skin's been toasted,
The fat has been broiled.
Meat is toasted,
It lies in tin foil.

We want to eat,
And will soon devour
The poor thing's meat
At this very hour.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happily Insane

Let's all be happy! We can sing and play all day long! We can dance and have fun and swing and swish and swoosh!

And then, when you go home, I'll still be happy. I'll go to Sunny Fun Meadow World! There I'll sing and dance by myself.

And I'll talk to the trees and the rabbits and the platypuses. We'll all be happy.

Then I'll jump around in the Road To Despair in Sunny Fun Meadow World. Following close behind me will be my army of Monkey-cats. We'll march all the way down the Road To Despair.

Once we reach Despair, I'll continue to smile and grin like a maniac. When all the evil, dark things fly out of the old, dead trees in Despair, I'll laugh my twisted head off.

But then I'll have to share my psychotic joy with EVERYONE. So I'll run to house after house, racing around like the lunatic I am.

And finally, some NICE old lady will call over some of her NICE friends in NICE white lab coats to come and talk to me and keep me company.

And those NICE guys in white lab coats will be my friends. And they'll take me to this NICE little building with NICE little rooms. And the best part is, those little rooms will have padded walls, so I can plow straight into them and scatter my crazy brain around whenever I feel like it.

It sure is fun being insane. Heh. : P