Saturday, March 20, 2010


Yes, a post. An actual post. I'm not dead.


Unlike the blogger community. So many of the blogs that were more than active when this blog was born waaay back in '08 are not so active now.

Inactive, if you will.

But I'm doing my part to keep it (metaphorically) living and breathing. It's a metaphor 'cuz, you know, blogs don't live and breath.

You prolly already knew that, though.

As I was saying, I'm doing my part by posting once in a while. And you guys are doing your part by reading my posts once in a while.

We're so responsible.

And yet, this bloggage circle is still slowly dying. And we can't do a whole lot to save it.

ON that happy note, here's a picture, taken by my brother, of a pile of cigarettes on the ground in New York City. Enjoy!


Sym said...

ummm.... who enjoys a pile of cigarettes that was found in NY??? also, what took you so long to post??? i like (could even go as far as to say LOVE) this blog and i do NOT want this blog to die. i just created my first ever blog and it depresses me to see other blogs dying, especially ones i love. so don't let this blog die or i will hunt you down and make you revive it :)

Nixx said...

Sym- Who wouldn't enjoy a pile of cigarettes found in New York City? I haven't posted in a while because...well, i haven't felt like it. Actually, I guess I have felt like posting a lot lately, I just didn't know what to post about. So yeah.

I won't let my blog die, thanks to all of you loyal fans out there! Hopefully. Ya never know. Things can happen.


Nixx said...
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Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Great photo. I don't think the bloggade is dying though. It just goes in cycles - people come on, stay for a while and then get bored. New bloggers come along. Just update your bloggade.
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E.M. Lauren said...

Eww, cigarettes. >.<

Thanks for the comment though Nixx! Good to hear from you too! :D

Cruz said...

yay your not dead! *hugs*

and random pic made me lol... I was like Nixx wth? that was pointless xD