Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"An Action Filled Scene..."

DarkJewel's latest post has inspired me to copy some stories from School Notebooks of the Past onto my blog.

This particular assignment was: Write a story that's action filled, or something like that. Yeah. So here it goes...

My stomach grumbled as I jogged home, clutching a box of jelly filled doughnuts in my hands. I licked my lips with greedy anticipation.

Just then, my spider-sense started tingling. I ducked, just in time, as somebody swung a fist at my head. I whirled around, kicking my attacker in the stomach. Tenderly placing the box of doughnuts, my precious cargo, on a nearby bush, I faced my enemy. He was lying flat on his back, dazed. Noticing his black uniform and mask, nunchakus, deadly katana, and ninja stars, I realized what he was: a dastardly pirate!

The pirate stood up, stared at me menacingly, and said something in Japanese. Ready to defend my doughnuts, I glared back just as menacingly. "I'll knock you into next week, you pastry pirate," I growled.

The pirate came at me then, screaming in Japanese. His fist slammed into my face, sending me stumbling backward. Then, the pirate disappeared in a cloud of dust.

Oh well, he must have teleported, I thought. I had been hoping for more action. I shuffled back to my doughnuts halfheartedly.

There was one small problem, though. THE DOUGHNUTS WERE GONE! I searched frantically for some sign of my doughnuts or the pirate. There! The black-clothed pastry pirate was scaling a nearby wall with my doughnuts in one hand.

In pure rage, I jumped and ran up the wall to introduce my fist to the pirate's face.

They didn't get along well.

The force of the punch sent the pirate rocketing into sometime next week. Probably Wednesday. Maybe even Thursday.

I picked up the box of doughnuts and started jogging home, my stomach still grumbling with greedy anticipation.


DarkJewel said...

lol that's amazing!what's with the japanese pirate ninja?haha
i love the randomness we all came up with for that assignment ;)

Nixx said...

What are you talking about? I don't know you...


Nah, just kidding.

DarkJewel said...

wow nixx....

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