Monday, July 11, 2011


Eh. Poop.

My followers list has disappeared. Not totally, though. It has left a few traces of its existence. For example, the title of my followers list remains. Just all of the followers have disappeared.

I know you guys haven't all left me, though, because I can still see all my followers through my dashboard or something like that. You all love me lots and lots and lots and lots, and I know it. Hee hee.

This is quite an issue, however. First of all, it will be much more difficult-er for me to visit all of your blogses at my leisure. And second, it will be nigh impossible for any new people to follow my blog! OH NOES!!!!

So far, I have not uncovered a solution to this mystery. If you guys have any suggestions or anything like that PLEASE HELP ME. AND STUFF!!!


Cruz said...

you need to get a facebook to chat with me and Dibsy. We miss you!! (:

Cruz said...

btw clicking my name will take you to my fb profile.. i forgot my pass for blogger lol

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